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Date Posted: 9/25/2017
Job Title: Service Writer
Location: DeMotte
Summary: Assist the service manager in maintaining accurate and on-time reports and records relative to the service department’s operation within the dealership.
Department: Service
Reports To: Service Manager
Job Function:

  1. Assist in Answering phone calls for service.
  2. Assign jobs and work areas to techs according to their skill, knowledge and level of expertise, under the direction of Service Manager.
  3. Inspect customer machines after repairs have been performed to assure that customer satisfaction is maintained when there machine is returned to them.
  4. Assist technicians in machine diagnostics as needed.
  5. Assist technicians in DTAC case creation.
  6. Write up work order requisitions and open work orders as needed.
  7. Keep techs productive and working.
  8. Assure that techs are keeping shop cleaned and organized.
  9. Make sure all company service vehicles are maintained.
  10. Assist in Keeping schedule board updated daily.
  11. Maintain service counter schedule pad daily and complete before next day’s business.
  12. Issue purchase orders for outside supplies and repairs, submit bills to service mgr for processing.
  13. Maintain and Monitor special tool inventory.
  14. Provide estimates to customers for repairs when requested.
  15. Keep customers informed of status of machine repairs and costs.
  16. Contact customers for authorization of additional repairs.
  17. Work with service manager in all aspects of the service department in fulfilling the responsibilities of the service manager.
  18. Promotes loyalty and customer goodwill and protects dealership and service department image.
  19. Advise service manager of all customer complaints.
  20. Meet with service manager daily to review department performance and personnel matters.
  21. Perform other duties and functions as directed by Service Manager in line with objectives of the dealership.

Job Essential Duties:

1. Always conduct self so as to present a professional image of the dealership.  Promotes loyalty and customer goodwill.
2. Work with Service Manager in all aspects of the service department to assist in fulfilling the responsibilities of the Service Manager.
3. Inspect new and used sold equipment for approval prior to delivery.
4. Review all repair work orders for accuracy and completeness concerning parts, materials and labor.  Approves the release of equipment for delivery to the customer.
5. Install Service Advisor updates as required on service computers.
6. Submit reports to Dealer Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) and assist technicians with completion of DTAC reporting.
7. Provide follow-up to customers after completion of repairs or service.
8. Regular and timely communications with Service Clerk on work orders.
9. Oversee maintenance of company owned vehicles ensuring timely maintenance.
10. Assist Service Manager with administering service-related customer clinics.
11. Maintain complete goods inventory and filing system for complete goods packing lists.
12. Monitor and maintain special tool inventory.
13. Arranges for and participates in re-conditioning of used equipment and set-up of new equipment.
14. Communicate customer complaints to Service Manager in a timely manner.
15. Perform other functions or duties as directed by management in line with the objectives of the dealership.
1. Meet with Service Manager to review department performance and personnel matters.
2. Receive and manage service related telephone calls.
3. Schedule and assign jobs and work areas to employees according to their skills and knowledge.  Monitor productivity.
4. Administer pre-service job sheet to technicians for completion when job commences.
5. Conduct a post-service inspection before releasing machine/equipment to the customer.
6. Assist technicians as needed in the diagnosis of machine problems and provide instruction as required.
7. Coordinate trucking with sales departments and outside stores.
8. Assist parts department as needed to fulfill service technician’s parts requirements.
9. Monitor work areas to ensure safety, cleanliness and organization.
10. Communicate service issues to technicians.
11. Maintain schedule board with current updates.
12. Maintain work order and service inspection log books.


Skills & Qualifications:

  • 5+ years work related experience.
  • Previous supervisory or management experience preferred but not required.
  • Ability to write and work on routine reports and correspondence.
  • Ability to speak effectively one on one or before groups of customers or employees of the organization.
  • Ability to negotiate customer complaints to a satisfactory resolution.
  • Ability to define problems collects data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.
  • Computer skills
Strong organizational skills

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