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$129,900.00 USD

Location: Fowler
Hours: 2229
Model Year: 2009
Stock Number: 28809
Serial Number: H09770S732808

4WD, 42" Duals, 28L-26 Rear Tires
Combine Type: Corn/Bean
Axle: PRWD
Duals/Singles: Duals
Chopper/Spreader: Chopper
Options: Lateral Tilt Feederhouse
Header: No
: Performance package with with deep tooth chaffer
: Zenon lighting
: Contour master, HD variable speed feeder house
: 3.15 inch header lift cylinder
: Header height resume, sensing+float
: Round bar concave
: Deep tooth chaffer
: 22.5ft (6.9M) unloading auger
: Fine cut chopper with chaff spreader
: 20.8-42 R1 Drive tires
: Power rear wheel drive 2 speed
: 28l-26-10pr
: Hydraulic fore and aft reel control

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