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Castongia Tractor Response and Options during COVID-19 pandemic
Updated 3-20-2020 5:00pm

Dear Valued Customers,

As you are all aware, the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has placed a burden on every facet of our daily lives.  Concern for the health of all of those within our network of employees, customers, their families and our communities falls on everyone.

As a result of these needs, I have been in constant contact with my management team to come up with ways that we hope will mitigate the pressure that the COVID-19 virus may put on our business and the agricultural industry.

We have been actively preparing for ways we can still be responsive to your needs and still allow our employees and customers to stay as safe as possible.  To be honest, some of these decisions were not easy, and some of the decisions may reduce convenience in the short term, but we hope will provide long term benefits of health and success for your upcoming planting season.

Social Distancing is a vital behavior to helping control the spread of the virus.  We will be setting up limited entry and limited access areas for customers and ask that no customers enter certain areas such as our service departments, administrative offices and certain other areas that would not necessarily be essential for daily transactions.  We will limit and mark our entry doors for customers which will be separate from entry doors for employees.  We ask that you watch for, and abide by, these signs.  It is not that we don’t want to visit, we love having our customers in our stores, but by doing these things in the short term, we feel that we can help in the long run.

We have stocked all of our facilities with essential cleaning supplies and set plans in place to clean and wipe down frequently used counters, door handles and high traffic areas.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will revise our plans and keep you all abreast of the changes in policy to conform with Federal, State and Local authorities.
Parts Department
At the present time, our showrooms are open.  Our Parts Departments do however welcome you to call in and place your orders via phone and utilize either your existing JD Financial account or a credit card to prepay those orders.  We are in the process of establishing outside “curbside pickup” structures at all of our Ag locations which will be in accessible areas and orders placed and filled during normal business hours, you may then ask that they be placed in our curbside pickup structure and your order will be available for pickup anytime if you choose not to enter our facility.  We are working to have them in place and operational the week of March 23rd.
Service Department
Our Service Departments are open for business and are ready to support your needs.  Please call ahead to any of our service departments to schedule service on your equipment.  As mentioned earlier, access for our actual workshops and service libraries is currently restricted to customers.  We ask that customers not enter into our workshop areas without prior appointment.  Our Service Manager and Service Writer areas are available for you to discuss your service needs with our management staff.

Sales Department
Our Sales Departments are available to provide you with quality equipment to fulfill your needs for the season. Please call any of our locations and our salespeople are available remotely through our state of the art VoIP phone system, we can connect you to your favorite salesperson in seconds.  You can browse our website to shop our line of quality used equipment and you can browse to view spec out a new unit and submit the specifications to our sales team for a quote.  With today’s technology, we can evaluate your trade, make a deal and update your machine almost entirely all with the power of the phone in your pocket.

Connected Support (Integrated Solutions)
Our Connected Support Team (formerly IS) is already on the leading edge of technology and remote support, so their response is already ahead of the curve.  They can assist you with Operations Center support, data uploads as well as software updates or hardware upgrades.  Our Connected Support team is available via our hotline at 866-92CASTRAC.

Administrative Department
Our administrative department area is currently restricted to employee traffic only.  Call in to our store and we can connect you with any one of our helpful staff to answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your patience during this time.  We appreciate your business and continued support on our shared journey.  We wish all of you health and success in the upcoming planting season.

Jon Castongia
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