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2019 Support Packages

Please check all the boxes in which package(s) you wish to purchase and submit the form.
*Please refer to the 2019 IS Package brochure to the right for complete package details.
 Gen 4 Software Update

Number of Displays    
Number of Receivers  

 Phone Support Package

 Data Clean Up Package

$0.20/Acre or $300.00 Minimum
Number of Acres  

 Data Management Package

$0.65/Acre or $1,000.00 Minimum
Number of Acres  

 Post-Season Planting Data Optimization

$0.40/Acre or $400.00 Minimum
Number of Acres  

 Harvest Data Collection Optimization

$300.00 New User Training

$250 *Free with any support purchase*
 Boundary Management Training


 Successful Spring Package

 Successful Spray Package

 Ready to Harvest Package


 Stellar Support Customer Contact Center

$299.00 1-Year access
Total to be billed (Internal Purposes) 


*Customer Name  
*Account Name to be billed  
*Cell Phone Number  
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*Please Bill (Select One)  

By signing this agreement, the customer acknowledges that they have read and understand the terms of this agreement and the terms of the package(s) selected.

All Agreements Valid: April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020

Phone support not covered by a support package will be billed at $35 minimum per call.
On farm support not covered by a support package, and will be billed at an hourly rate through the service department

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