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2020 Support Packages
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Integrated Solutions Subscription Renewals PDF

SF2 or SF3 Signal Subscription
  • 3-Months
  • 6-Months
  • 1-Year
  • 2-Year
  • 3-Year
JDLink™ Connect
  • 1-Year
  • 2-Year
  • 3-Year
4640 Premium Subscription
4640 Automation Subscription
4240 Section Control & Data Sync

Connect Mobile Subscription
  • 1-Year (No Charge)
Castongia Tractor RTK Network Subscription
  • 1-Year Access
  • Requires John Deere 450 radio and receiver activated to RTK Level
*Subject to change based on hourly rates. **MDT to be returned at the end of the agreement. Castongia Tractor may retrieve it sooner for lack of use.

Phone/Remote Support, Software Update, Operation Center Data Backup
  • Unlimited phone, email, text message, or Remote Display Access (JDLink subscription with proper hardware required) support on Precision Farming Equipment.
  • Unlimited software updates on displays, receivers and attached rate controllers.
  • Backup data to Operations center.
  • First 50 purchasers who guarantee either all-in single pass acres or partial multiple pass acres without JDLink or competitive displays, will receive free one year use of Mobile Data Transfer stick ($295 value) to wirelessly backup data.**
  • Take advantage of our economical one price plan for all-in single pass acres or for multi-pass/multi-tool/multi-operation data capture and productivity [Spring Prep/Plant/Spray/Harvest/Fall Tillage]
  • Customers not enrolled in a remote support package will be charged hourly field rate per call with a $65.00 minimum.

Data Optimization/Management Support
  • Validate pre and post season data
  • Correct data errors (clean and format correctly)
  • Make sure prescriptions are in correct format
  • Load prescriptions to data card or USB drive
  • Verify prescriptions load to machine
  • Backup of data to external device or Operations Center
  • Printout of field maps
  • Includes 1 session, one-on-one hands-on training, delivered by the Integrated Solutions team
  • Set up of account if needed
  • Data management process review for cloud-based storage platforms
  • Set up and practice wireless data transfer to ease of connectivity


Start Up Support

Successful Spring Package
  • Hook tractor to planter at farm (hydraulics and electronics)
  • Level hitch, set depth per customer preference
  • Review in-cab controls and planter monitor with customer
  • Ensure planter system set
  • Section control paremeters set for planter on/off times-if applicable
  • Configure seed monitor homepages on display
  • Planter Controller software updated
  • Down force parameters reviewed and set to customer preference
  • Pass-to-pass guidance accuracy performed in-field
  • Variable rate paremeters set
  • Castongia Tractor Representative on site for startup
Successful Spray Package
  • Pre-season sprayer field start up
  • Machine software/controller updates via Service Advisor on Sprayer
  • Documenation set up
  • Review in-cab controls and monitor with customer
  • Perform pass-to-pass guidance on sprayer
  • RowSense™ guidance hookup; test sensors, and calibrate (if applicable)
  • AutoTrac™ Calibration
  • Wireless data transfer setup
  • Section Control Setup
  • Remove historical data from display (if needed)
  • Castongia Tractor Representative on site for startup
Ready to Harvest Package
(one crop only)
  • Pre-season combine field start up (Corn or Beans)
  • Corn head/platform hookup to combine and test
  • Feeder house faceplate adjustment
  • Base threshing and separator machine settings
  • Review in-cab controls with customer
  • Chopper/spreader base adjustment
  • RowSense™ guidance hookup; test sensors on corn head if applicable
  • Perform pass-to-pass guidance on platform
  • Calibrate receive on combine
  • Factory steering valve calibration and rear axle position sensor maintenance with S-Series combines
  • Machine software/controller updates via Service Advisor on combine
  • Castongia Tractor Representative on site for startup

Brian Duffy or Mike Herlitz
at (866) 92-CASTRAC

295 East Wood Rd
(219) 866-5117

1358 N 100 W
(765) 884-0411

9146 N State Road 10
(219) 987-4626

300 S. State Road 49
(219) 464-8640