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$74,900.00 USD
Location: Valparaiso
Model Year: 2013
Stock Number: 32032
Serial Number: 1A01770YJDM750313

1.6B boxes, Half width disconnect, Rubber closing wheels, Tru-V openers, Granular herbicide, Liquid herbicide, Double disk fert openers, Active pneumatic downforce, Mechanical drive, Keeton seed firmers


Rows: 16
Row Spacing: 30 in
Frame: Flex Fold
Metering System: Vacuum
Hopper: 1.6 Bushel
Row Command: No
: Tri-Fold Markers with Gauge Wheel, 16 In. Notched disks, Depth Gauging Band and Control Connected to Planter Lift
: Seed Drive, Mechanical Transmission with Half-Width Disconnect
: Two Point Hitch
: Roller Chain Drive
: 1.6 Bushel Seed Hoppers
: Tru-Vee Openers with Single Walking Gauge Wheels
: Rubber Tire Closing Wheels
: SeedStar Monitor System Less Tractor Harness, Less Display, Less Radar
: Two Vacuum Level Sensors
: Regular Seed Tube with AccuCount Sensor
: Insecticide with Front Band Spreader with Slide Type Idler
: Pneumatic Down Force System
: Steel Scrapers for Tru-Vee Openers
: Regular Parallel Arms
: Liquid Fertilizer/Insecticide Tank and Mounting Brackets
: Piston Pump, Twelve Port Block Manifold Delivery System with Hoses, Less Openers
: Tire Scraper for Seed Metering Drive Wheels (1 Scraper)
: Tire Scraper for Liquid Fertilizer Drive Wheel (1 Scraper)
: Row Unit Drive Chain Residue Shield
: Double Eliminator
: Liquid Herbicide Pre-Emerge Spray Attachment - Less Nozzles and Strainers