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$69,900.00 USD
Location: Valparaiso
Hours: 123
Model Year: 2017
Stock Number: 29820
Serial Number: 1LV5100RCHH400188
Horsepower: 100

Nice used 2017 with full factory Warranty at time of purchase


Configuration: Standard
Cab: Cab
Transmission: Syncro
Front Axle: MFWD
: 16F/16R CommandQuad Manual (40k)
: Standard Cab with Right Hand Console Controls
: Standard Cloth Air Suspension Seat
: Mirror Telescopic LH and RH
: Deluxe Corner Post Exhaust
: PFC Hydraulic System with 117 l/min (30.9 gpm) hydraulic pump
: 2 Mechanical Stackable Rear SCVs
: 2 Standard Stackable Mid SCV with Mechanical Joystick Control
: Three Speed PTO - 540/540E/1000
: Electrohydraulic (EH) with remote LH fender control
: Telescoping Draft Links with Ball Ends - Category 2
: LH Only Adjustable Lift Links
: Mechanical Center Link with Ball Ends - Category 2
: LH and RH Stabilizer Bar
: 420/85R30 - 16.9R30 R1W Radial (Mitas or Michelin)
: No Rear Tire Brand Preference
: MFWD Front Axle without Suspension
: 280/85R24 - 11.2R24 R1W Radial (Michelin or Mitas)
: No Front Tire Brand Preference
: PTO Remote Control and LH and RH Fenders
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