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$47,900.00 USD
Location: Demotte
Hours: 3121
Model Year: 2009
Stock Number: 31215
Serial Number: L07230A614420
Horsepower: 110


Cab: Cab
Front Axle: MFWD
Transmission: Syncro
Rear PTO: 540/1000
Tire Width: Mid
: MFWD Front Axle with Limited Slip Differential
: 18.4R38 In. 149A8 R1W Radial(460/85R38 In. 149A8 R1W Radial)
: 14.9R24 In. 126A8 R1W Radial(380/85R24 In. 131A8 R1W Radial)
: SyncroPlus 12F/4R Transmission (19 mph/30 kmh)
: Flanged Axle, 8 Position Steel Wheels
: Vertical Exhaust with Underhood Muffler
: Super Comfort Seat (MSG 83) with Mechanical Suspension,3-In. Seat Cushion
: Rigid Front Fenders (MFWD)
: Fuel Tank Guard, Bottom
: Second SCV Deluxe (3 Detents - 301 Series) with Standard Couplers
: Third SCV Standard (2 Detents - 201 Series) with Standard Couplers
: No Specific Tire brand
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